El Demo

by Reishi

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released September 6, 2013

Re-Released Friday the 13th

Recorded Live

Jonny Bone - Bass
Israel - Guitar
Mitch - Vocals
Jake "Brainz" - Drums

The Help.
Del Ocho
Roldies Mic




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Reishi Oakland, California

Oakland, Ca

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Track Name: Fun or Something
its just fun or something
passin by still so high
in the end its nothing
i dont know why but i cant lie
words dont mean a thing to me. your exactly who i thought youd be

its just fun or something
slidin by not caring why
in the end its nothing
your words a lies
but ill just let it fly
well ill just let them fly
Track Name: Somewhere in New Jersey
the waitress starin back at me and i dont know what to say
my eyes are blood red ya see her world is dead to me
dead to me
dead to me
i wont see her ever again her world is dead to me
Track Name: Across The Damn
for so long
seein roads
that i never thought id be on
for so long
ive been gone
for so long

stoned on the road
on the go
goin somewhere and ive been
for so long
ive been gone
for so long
Track Name: Momentum
your living in a different frame. for me it isnt current
i was there once. living in that time
it was a time of change. a chance to find who i was
im stuck wonderin why. you are living here

i dont have ADD. but man its hard to focus
cant take my mind off her. and i fear that battle cant be won
ive got to stop and think. about some things that ive done
hey Mitch hows it going? im busy picking my brain apart
Track Name: Mental Blues
those mental clues. im livin the daily blues
what should i do. where should i go
my left side is frozen. my right is on fire
what can i do. livin the daily blues

the glaring sun. seers my eyes
what can i do. livin split into
it would probably be even worse. then living life as a curse
those mental clues. livin the daily blues